The Baltic Course  

On the future of European clothesware
The BC visited one of the region's largest conferences on the clothing and textiles industry held in Vilnius late last year, and now presents you with a view on the trade market in textiles from an EU aspect, voiced by William Lakin in his speech at the conference  

Latvia working by order
Since 1994, the export of textiles has held stable second place in the external turnover of the country. As before, more than 90% of Latvia’s textile and sewing industry products are exported  

Lithuania attracts foreign investors
The Lithuanian textile and sewing industry is the leader in terms of the number of employees and takes second place in terms of output amongst manufacturing companies. There are 559 textile and sewing companies in Lithuania (including all private ones) making up 20% of all enterprises in the country, employing a army of 56,500 people, or 27% of all people employed in the country's economy. More than 35 thousand people are employed in 414 sewing companies.  

Estonians looking for their own trademarks
The Estonian textile and sewing industry has a growing trend of gradual transition from sub-contracting to searching for it's own trademarks and an increasing output of finished articles