The Baltic Course  

New oil export routes
Making entry to the Asian market is always related with lenghty and delicate negotiations on two levels - with government agencies and business people. Ventspils Nafta oil terminal first deputy board chairman, Janis Blazevics, told the BC about steps being taken to set up business contacts in Kazakhstan ahead of the trip to the 4th international conference TransEurasia 2002.  

Light at the end of the corridor
At the international conference Transport and Logistics 2002 in Riga this April we were most impressed by speaches delivered by the Eurasian Transport Union's vice-president, Yuri Shcherbanin, and the Ventspils Trade Port company council chairman, also chairman of the Kalija Parks mineral fertilizer terminal, Oleg Stepanov  

Adjusted forecast for the Russian transport sector's social and economic development in 2002-2004
Total transport revenues are estimated around 249 billion rubles (USD 8.3 b) - for comparison: in 1999 the revenues were 150 billion rubles (USD 5 b).