The Baltic Course  

Businessmen of all countries - unite
In July the International Congress of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs celebrated its tenth anniversary. The Baltic course met with Viktor Glukhikh, president of this public body, uniting businessmen from 22 countries across Europe and Asia. The talk, in particular, was about participation of the Baltic states in this congress  

Kazakhstan - A link in the East-West transit chain
  The Balts have developed an increasing interest in Kazakhstan in recent years.  This June a large group of Baltic businessmen went to Kazakhstan for the 4th international conference TransEurasia 2002. The Baltic states, as well as CIS states want to have their share of transit between the East and West on the rapidly growing market of transportation services  

Let's be more diplomatic and wealthier
Latvian carriers undoubtedly are interested in increasing cargo turnover. This would also add substantially to the national budget. Therefore both businessmen and civil servants have been turning their sights to Central Asia for quite some time. Kazakhstan is one of the most perspective directions. How much the Asian countries need us is another question. This is what the BC discussed with Latvian Transportation Ministry transit policy department head Andris Maldups before the Latvian transport business delegation left for Astana, Kazakhstan's capital  

Uzbek Baltic Center makes bridges
The Uzbek Baltic Center International Trade and Industrial Association was created at the beginning of 2002. The Main purpose of the organization is to stimulate international trade between the region of Asia and the Baltics. So the primary task of the association on its development stage will be a creation of an information database, advertisement of the organization and its activities, advertisement of its associated members, assistance in organizing joint-ventures, development of investment programs and participation in the development of trade and economic relations of the Baltic states and Uzbekistan. The association is a classic organization of its sort, however at the same time it has some distinguishing features: founders of the association are well situated in the business sphere, they know the legal, taxation, financial-credit and foreign-economic ambience of activities both in the Baltic states and in the Asian region.  

Uzbekistan-Baltics: as trade grows