The Baltic Course  

Skyscrapers not honoured in Riga
There is an ancient legend concerning craftsmen building Latvia's capital Riga. According to the legend, the city construction must go on forever. Should the construction stop at any time, the whole city will sink into the river. It seems that this karma hangs over the city up to this day.  

Businesslike Vilnius opts for height
In the middle of February during the whole week more than hundred thousand Vilnius' citizens could get up in the high-speed elevators to the upper-20th floor of the new city's municipality building to cast a glance from such a height onto the native city. Though "cast a glance" would be a mild denoting. On average, almost everyone for approximately forty minutes was caught up by the exciting panorama, curves of the river, recounting cupolas and steeples of tens of churches and chapels.  

Tallinn stops onslaught of high-rise buildings
For now the city is holding out against the onslaught by high-rise buildings. The architects of the old school have pointed out, though, that Tallinn lacks overall architectural strategy therefore one can expect new skyscrapers to rise in the most unexpected places.