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Icebreaker Botnica from Tallinn goes abroad to make money

BC, Tallinn, 20.12.2013.Print version
The Estonian state-owned port operator Tallinna Sadam (Port of Tallinn) has concluded a long-term contract with a subsidiary of energy producer Exxon Mobil over renting icebreaker Botnica that the port owns to work in the Russian Kara Sea, which is a serious breakthrough at the international offshore-services market, writes LETA/Postimees.

The ship that did icebreaking work in Estonia last year and this summer worked in German wind energy parks, isn’t meant just for icebreaking but can fulfil much more complicated tasks corresponding to DP3 requirements, meaning that the ship can be a base platform for special diving works, for example.


"We have given a clear signal to the world energy industry that a ship sailing under the Estonian flag and with an Estonian crew is completely competitive in the world energy industry's maritime projects," the port's subsidiary company TS Shipping OÜ board member Ülo Eero told the newspaper.


TS Shipping spent the past year learning the possibilities of the ship and training staff and on getting a contract for the ship that would enable to utilise all qualities of the ship fully. The contract signed now is very important for AS Tallinna Sadam since it helps to earn back the rather hefty purchase sum of the ship, besides being paid for the icebreaking work commissioned by the state. Postimees says that the contract is for four years and the partner of TS Shipping is Exxon Mobil's subsidiary Karmorneftegaz SARL. Eero said that the contract doesn't allow him to comment upon the partnership or the work area.


According to the service contract, the ship that was bought last year for 50 mln EUR, is in the use of the Waterways Board during the winter navigation period till the year 2022.

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