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Tallinn claims 10% drivers choose free public transport

BC, Tallinn, 12.02.2013.Print version
Tallinn municipal transport department said that, based on data of traffic flows, the estimated number of used vehicles in Tallinn fell by about ten% from December 2012 to January 2013, LETA/BNN reported.

According to the department, the traffic intensity under the Kristiine railway underpass was estimated at 66,500 vehicles a day at the end of January 2013, which was approximately 7,600 vehicles less than in December, a month later.


Talvo Rüütelmaa, the head of the traffic management department of the municipal transport department, said that the figure includes public transport vehicles, but since their number has stayed the same, it means that the total number of vehicles in traffic has fallen notably.


Rüütelmaa considered decrease of automobiles' flow by 10% in Tallinn to be an excellent result.


As reported, 419,830 people lived in Tallinn as of January 1, which is by 0.9% more than a year ago which might be linked to introduction of free public transport to all Tallinn's residents.


The increase in the population number was faster in the last months of the year, by 366 in October, 475 in November and 1,248 in December.


The Tallinn city budget of 2013 prescribes increasing private individuals' income tax by 17.5 million euros.


The city of Tallinn's introduced a new ticket system this year.


Starting this year, all residents of Tallinn can use public transport for free but they have to acquire a personalized public transport card and register it when entering the public transport vehicle. All Estonian pupils up to the age of 19 and other groups of people who have the right for free public transport have the right for free transport in Tallinn.

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