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Tallinn holds a poll about free public transport

Juhan Tere, BC, Tallinn, 20.03.2012.Print version
The Tallinn city government holds a public poll of city residents this week asking them if they want free public transport, which is criticised by the opposition and polling agencies.

Tallinn spends 259,000 euros to organise a poll this week where it asks from city residents "Do you support transition to free public transport service starting 2013 on the Tallinn common ticket system routes?", opening 40 polling stations across the city for this, LETA/Postimees Online reports.


The city claims on its homepage that the free transport is planned to reduce traffic jams and accidents, maintain roads and expand the travelling possibilities of low-income families. The city claimed that it would have to find around 20 million euros for the transition, which it hopes to get from merging the city's transport companies and mean so far used for developing the sewage and water network.


The city declared also that it will offer free public transport to all on March 24 and 25 to enable low-income families also to cast their vote.


National Broadcasting cites TNS Emor analyst Aivar Voog whose aid that such a poll is unprofessional and posting the question like that is pointless since people have the inherent wish to get things cheaper.


City council opposition says that the whole plan is a populistic start of election campaign of the Centre Party that rules the city and that since there are no free meals, the funds for the initiative would be taken away from other spheres that badly need them.

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