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Next stage of Ämari air base construction in Estonia to cost 11 mln euros

Juhan Tere, BC, Tallinn, 02.05.2011.Print version
Estonian construction company Nordecon AS signed a construction contract with Estonian Ministry of Defence for the construction of auxiliary buildings and infrastructure in Ämari flight base; the value of the contract is 10.85 million euros, the company told Tallinn bourse.

The buildings include hangars, garage and workshop for vehicles, medical centre, terminal for military personnel, warehouse for cargo and storage facility for nitrogen and oxygen. The net area of buildings is approximately 7,200 square meters. The construction of infrastructure includes surface layers of 66,000 square meters (incl. asphalt layer of 51,000 square meters). Total length of pipelines (water, drainage etc.) is 10,000 running meters, writes LETA.


The construction of NATO’s infrastructure projects is co-financed by NATO Security Investment Program (NSIP).


The value of the contract without client’s reserve is 10.85 million euros, excluding VAT.


The works begin in May 2011 and per plans last for 11 months.


According to the 2009–2018 military defence development plan of Estonia, the Ämari air base should be able to, once completed, receive transport planes and act as a base of fighter planes, National Broadcasting said. The development of the Ämari base should be completed in 2015.

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