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Bombardier also wishes to build trams in Riga

Alla Petrova, BC, Riga, 19.08.2010.Print version
Canadian/French company Bombardier Transportation, one of the world's leading transportation and aerospace constructors, is also interested in manufacturing trams in Riga, according to the Latvijas Bizness newspaper.

The company is currently involved in a major train construction tender to supply vehicles for Latvian passenger rail company Pasazieru vilciens. According to Bombardier Senior Director for Business and Development Flavio Canetti, the company is also interested in other possible areas of expansion in Latvia beyond train construction. "We are interested in producing trams in Riga. If there is a wish to replace the city's tram rolling stock, we are ready to put forward our solutions," indicated the businessman, informs LETA.


Bombardier is prepared to use manufacturing in Latvia as a bridgehead which would allow it to become a a major player in the markets of Russia and other CIS countries.


The company's planned partnership in Latvia could eventually emulate its past successes in countries such as China, where its local partner now independently produces trains capable of speeds up to 380 kilometers an hour.


Bombardier hopes that its potential partnership with Latvian railroad car maker Rigas vagonbuves rupnica (RVR) would allow it to supply modern trains to all former Soviet Union republics, thanks in part to the rail gage common to all countries in the region.

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