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Travelers allowed to declare goods verbally in Estonia

Juhan Tere, BC, Tallinn, 29.04.2010.Print version
Travelers in Estonia are permitted to declare their goods verbally starting from May 1, 2010, pursuant to subsection 3 (2) of the Regulation No 20 of the Minister of Finance of March 17, 2010 "Procedure of traveler's customs formalities, traveller's declaration form and instruction for completing thereof", Estonian Tax and Customs board reported.

However, the customs authorities have the right to request the travelers to lodge a written customs declaration, if the information declared orally needs further specification. There is still an opportunity for travelers to lodge either a written declaration on a paper-based carrier or complete it through the electronic information processing system Complex, informs LETA.


In order to lodge the traveler's written declaration, it is possible to get a form from the customs officials at performing the customs formalities, or through the website of the Estonian Tax and Customs Board. Traveler's declaration available on the website of ETCB may be filled in right on the screen and subsequently printed and lodged at performing the customs formalities.


Upon completing the boxes of the traveler's declaration through the electronic information processing system Complex the travelers have to proceed from the Regulation of the Minister of Finance and instructions on entering information to the electronic information processing system provided for in subsection 37 (8) of the Customs Act.

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