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Estonian econmin: Hyperloop must be considered in Tallinn-Helsinki tunnel project

BC, Tallinn, 16.11.2018.Print version
Estonian Minister of Economic Affairs and Infrastructure Kadri Simson said that Hyperloop should be considered as a transport solution when moving forward with the tunnel connection between Tallinn and Helsinki, informed LETA/BNS.

Currently on a visit to Los Angeles, the minister also met with Josh Giegel, co-founder and CTO of Virgin Hyperloop One, and Jay Walder, the company's new CEO, spokespeople for the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications said.

"The tunnel between Tallinn and Helsinki is not only of interest in Europe. This would be the world's longest underwater tunnel and is of interest across the entire world. The Hyperloop project is constantly evolving and it must also definitely be considered when moving forward with the tunnel project between Tallinn and Helsinki," said Simson.

According to the minister, Estonia is interested in new transport solutions, and Simson added that Hyperloop is definitely one of the projects to keep an eye on.

Estonian Prime Minister Juri Ratas along with representatives of Hyperloop One signed a letter of intent in September 2017 aimed at working together as part of the Tallinn-Helsinki tunnel project.

The idea behind Hyperloop is to develop a technology for the transportation of passengers and goods inside capsules put inside vacuum created in special tunnels at speeds of up to 300 meters per second or 1,080 kilometers per hour in an environment of near zero air pressure.

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