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Estonian employers is recommending the raise of pension age

Juhan Tere, BC, Tallinn, 26.02.2009.Print version
Postimees Online: the Chairman of the Council for the Estonian Confederation of Employers Enn Veskimägi stated that employers have repeatedly recommending the raising of pension age to 67 years since the year 2007 already, writes LETA.

"We have repeatedly emphasized and supported such a move and have not backed down from it," said Veskimägi, noting that Estonia needs to take the same move as the neighboring country in the north. He stated that Finland had no other option as the welfare State is unable to pay for all of the welfare services. "The unemployment benefits in Finland have also been increased so much that there is no longer any point to take a job," he stated.


Veskimägi added that the number of people of pension age is already quite high in the Estonian society and it will continue increasing in the next few years. "Fewer and fewer young people enter the labor market," he remarked.

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