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Tourists in Estonia are not informed of safety reflector requirement

Juhan Tere, BC, Tallinn, 23.12.2011.Print version
The Estonian traffic law that came in force in July 2011 obliges pedestrians to always have a pedestrian safety reflector with them when it is dark, otherwise they could be issued a fine of even up to 400 EUR, but tourists visiting Estonia are not informed of that, LETA/Eesti Päevaleht reports.

The UK foreign ministry has added this information to the Estonian tourism information at its homepage, for example, but here in Estonia tourists are not informed of the requirement, leaving them just in the danger of traffic accidents and fines.


Tallinn Airport, Port of Tallinn both said that they have no information posted about the reflector being obligatory and this information is not included even in Estonian foreign ministry English-language travel information site.


Although tourists move on streets without reflectors, the police do not rush to fine them. "There certainly are cases when a pedestrian tourist does not have a reflector but the police rather draws the attention of the tourist to the importance of making oneself visible and warns against possible dangers," said North Estonian police prefecture traffic service chief Sirle Pai.

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