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Latvian millionaire builds beach house, officially proves it is ''a ship''

BC, Riga, 19.01.2018.Print version
A beach house built by the very sea in Latvia’s western Pavilosta county has been legally declared "a ship", Kursas Laiks newspaper reported.

State Environment Service (VVD) Liepaja department director Ingrida Sotnikova told LETA that five years ago the department lost a court procedure in relation to unlawful building of the construction on the seashore. The company had been able to prove at court that the construction is "a ship under construction". The court had made the decision based on documents issued by the Maritime Administration of Latvia, claiming that it is a ship under construction, therefore it may be placed on or near the shore.


LETA learned that the building was built on the land plot that belongs to Alco fuel retailer. The company belongs to millionaire Argods Lusins. According to Dienas Bizness business daily, Lusins ranked ninth in last year’s millionaire list with his property valued at EUR 43 million.


According to, Alco generated EUR 2,937,924 in turnover, and earned EUR 901,283 in profit in 2016.


Since 2010, Lusins has made 11 donations to different political parties in the value of EUR 84,417. Last year his biggest donations went to the Unity party and the Union of Greens and Farmers.

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