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Apartment prices in Soviet-era houses in Riga grow 7.9% in October

BC, Riga, 10.11.2017.Print version
The prices of apartments in the Soviet-era standard-design houses in the Latvian capital Riga increased 0.5% in October this year, climbing 7.9% from the beginning of this year, writes LETA, according to the latest housing market review released by Arco Real Estate.

In October 2017, the apartment prices, which averaged at EUR 761 per square meter, had increased by 16.1% against the beginning of 2016 but were 53.1% below the all-time high recorded in July 2007 when a square meter in Soviet-era apartments was selling at EUR 1,620.


Arco Real Estate said that the growth of apartment prices in Riga's largest residential districts had picked up the pace in October 2017.


The average price per square meter in single-room apartments rose by 0.6% in October this year, the price of two-room apartments went up 0.4%, the price of three-room apartments also increased by 0.4% and the price of four-room apartments grew 0.3%.

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