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Pabriks: Swedish media do not promote strengthening of European values in Baltics

BC, Riga, 28.05.2013.Print version
The Swedish media in the Baltic States, not being aware of it, often support the so-called soft power and do not promote the strengthening of European values in the Baltics, Defense Minister Artis Pabriks (Unity) emphasized during the "Security around Baltic 2013" conference in Stockholm yesterday, informs LETA.

"Not all of our worries also concern other countries. Therefore, for our concerns to be heard, we must voice them louder and clearer. The Baltic States currently feel the safest in the past 100 years. However, I, as a defense minister, must keep in mind the worst possible scenarios and be prepared for them," pointed out Pabriks.


With the economic crisis is Europe, defense spending has decreased considerably. The countries of Asia and Russia, however, continue to increase their defense budgets, which could distort the balance in the future, pointed out Pabriks. The soft power, which is less noticeable, but just as dangerous, is growing stronger in Eastern Europe, emphasized the minister. "Unfortunately, the Baltic States, taking into account their historical experience, are much more vulnerable than the West," said Pabriks.


Pabriks called on Finland and Sweden to facilitate discussions on both countries' potential accession to NATO. The presence of Finland and Sweden in NATO is within the security interests of the Baltic States, since the fact that both countries are not NATO members hampers bilateral cooperation on a number of matters, said the minister.

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