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Suspicious activities with horsemeat at found several Latvian slaughterhouses and companies

BC, Riga, 27.02.2013.Print version
The Food and Veterinary Service of Latvia has established suspicious activities with horsemeat at several Latvian slaughterhouses and companies, LETA/ was informed by the Food and Veterinary Service's representative Ilze Meistere.

When the Food and Veterinary Service received information about the "horsemeat scandal" in Europe, it launched inspections at Latvian slaughterhouses and meat-processing companies.


416 horses were slaughtered in Latvia in 2012, including 272 at AIBI slaughterhouse. Their meat (203 horses) was supplied to meat-processing company Forevers.


The Food and Veterinary Service continues to inspect both companies. Nevertheless, it is already clear that AIBI horsemeat was labeled as beef in nearly all cases.


Horsemeat is not noted in Forevers product labels. The company's product samples were tested by a German laboratory, establishing the presence of horsemeat in them. The laboratory's report will be available soon.


The Food and Veterinary Service has also established violations at Vilumene, Kalnpierbes and Musino slaughterhouses and meat supplier Heinors.


As reported, horsemeat is used in the production of several food products, for instance, sausages, which must be noted in their labels. Horsemeat is cheaper than beef, and when customers are not informed about the presence of horsemeat in products they buy this is considered fraud.

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