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Rimi supermarkets register 40% increase in demand for Georgian wines

Nina Kolyako, BC, Riga, 17.08.2008.Print version
In the past few days Rimi supermarkets in latvia registered a 40% increase in the demand for Georgian wines and a 10% higher demand for "Borjomi" mineral water, as informed Rimi Latvija marketing and public relations manager Zane Enina.

The steep increase in the demand for Georgian wines and mineral water may be thanks to the mass media encouraging residents to buy more goods from Georgia in support for this country.


Maxima Latvija representative Ivars Andins informed LETA that at Maxima supermarkets, the demand for Georgian wines still remains 7% higher than a month ago.


Due to the war in Georgia, food and wine importers in Latvia do not have information on whether supplies from Georgia will continue or not.


As reported, on August 10 and August 11 this year, the demand for wines from Georgia at Maxima supermarkets increased 7%, compared with the respective period of time in July.

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