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Chain of Latvian Lido is going to enter Estonian market

Juhan Tere, BC, Tallinn, 25.08.2009.Print version
The chain of Latvian restaurants Lido will expand its business to the Estonian market in October, writes LETA quoting Postimees Online.

The chain will invest more than 30 million kroons into establishing a restaurant that fits 300 persons in the Solaris Centre.


The Lido restaurant in Tallinn will provide jobs to more than 100 persons. The buffet-restaurant with the cozy interior inspired by the Old Town of Riga and the national atmosphere that has become Lido’s brand will be situated on 1,290 square meters in the Solaris Centre and will offer more than 180 different meals for self-service customers.


Lido’s food selection and the price level will be the same as in Latvia.

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