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300 workers of Estonian Kreenholm to be redundant

Juhan Tere, BC, Tallinn, 21.08.2009.Print version
The textile industrial plant Kreenholm in Narva has decided to redundant 300 employees, writes LETA, referring at Postimees Online.

The Narva-based enterprise owned by the Swedish company Boras Wäfver will continue working with approximately 500 employees.


“As we have sold some of the business units, our turnover has fallen,” said the General Director of the Kreenholm factory Kenneth Uddh. “The redundancy is also naturally due to the situation on the Baltic market that fell by 11% in comparison to the last year,” he added.


“We have decided with the textiles products and other different functional products used in households as well as with producing all kinds of sunscreens and shades,” explained Uddh. According to him, redundancies concern all the rest of business areas as Kreenholm has volume-related problems.


“In our future operations we certainly want to maintain our competence in the fields of bleaching, dyeing, printing and sewing,” said Uddh. He noted that Kreenholm has with its remaining employees all the necessary skills and options for even exceeding the current production volumes in priority production areas.


Last year, Kreenholm that had employed 4,000 persons only a few years ago, made 900 workers redundant.

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