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GMO sale to be permitted in Latvia, but not GMO production

Nina Kolyako, BC, Riga, 13.05.2009.Print version
The Supervisory Council for Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) today approved GMOs for sale in Latvia, yet each GMO will have to be examined beforehand, but banned GMO production in Latvia.

Ten out of fourteen Supervisory Council for GMOs members voted for the proposal.


The council's decision will be included in the report on Latvia's position on GMOs, that will be handed in to the government by June 1, informs LETA.


Earlier this morning, about 20 people gathered at the Agriculture Ministry's building to protest against sale of GMOs in Latvia.


The organizers of the protest pointed out that more than 30,000 people said during a public opinion survey at the beginning of the year that they disapprove of the Agriculture Ministry's attempts to achieve that GMO sale and production be permitted in Latvia.


The GMO opponents believe that it is a matter of utmost importance, and any decisions regarding sale or production of GMOs in Latvia must be decided through a national referendum.

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