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Organically farmed land made up 17% agricultural land in Estonia at enda-2015

BC, Tallinn, 26.04.2016.Print version
The land area under organic management in Estonia expanded to 170,800 hectares by the end of 2015, making up 17% of the country's total agricultural land, informs LETA/BNS.

The number of agricultural holdings under organic management was 1,629, bigger by 226 than the year before, figures available from the Estonian Organic Farming Foundation show.


The number of organic producers was the biggest in Voru County in the country's southeast, 196, and the land area under organic management was the biggest in Saaremaa, 19,300 hectares.


The number of organic processing parties grew to 120 by the end of the period. The processing parties mostly are small entities and include 52 organic farmers. At the same time, several large processing companies such as Salvest, Saaremaa Piimatoostus, Liviko and Kulinaaria have added organic products to their product range.


According to the Estonian Institute of Economic Research, 1,300 domestically produced organic products were sold in Estonia in 2015.

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