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Sunday alcohol sales ban in Tallinn postponed

BC, Tallinn, 04.03.2015.Print version
The plan of the Tallinn city government to ban the retail sales of alcohol on Sundays will be postponed because two alcohol retail companies have disputed the city government's decree in court and seek legal protection, LETA/Public Broadcasting reports.

This does not allow implementing the city government's decree at the planned time, March 8 regarding everyone, which would be unfair towards the shops that could be subjected to the ban, said Deputy Mayor of the city Merike Martinson.


"Temporary suspension of validity of the city government decree does not mean that this objective will be waivered," emphasized Martinson. "We hope that the court will soon make a decision in favour of Tallinn in this issue, so that we can establish this decree and thus protect the health of our residents," said Martinson.


Martinson pointed out that according to public opinion polls in Tallinn, people expect restrictions on the sale of alcohol. "Limitation of availability is the most effective way to reduce the consumption of alcohol," said Martinson.


The two companies that submitted the complaint, OÜ Aldar Eesti OÜ and OÜ Naltu have a total of 27 stores specializing in the sale of alcohol in Tallinn.


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