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Estonian passports go through an update

BC, Tallinn, 14.02.2014.Print version
The Estonian government approved on Thursday of a decree that changes the design of the Estonian citizen's passport and updates security elements, LETA/Public Broadcasting reports.

The security elements and solutions will be updated to guarantee that the passports are forgery-proof. The general visual design, size and number of pages of the passport stay unchanged.


The passport will have new additional texts, in Bulgarian, Romanian and Croatian languages, since new states have joined the EU.


The document will also include a text stating that the user of the passport can get consular help from a representation of another EU member state whilst outside the EU and instructions on how to inform the document's issuer or Estonian foreign representation of finding another person's passport.


The passports with the old design are issued till May 31 and they will be valid till the end of their validity period.

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