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Latvian Saeima approves of banning USSR and Nazi symbols at public events

BC, Riga, 20.06.2013.Print version
Today, Latvian Saeima approved in the final reading banning Soviet Union (USSR) and Nazi Germany symbols at public events. The bill, however, envisages some exceptions, informs LETA.

The bill stipulates banning USSR, SSR and Nazi Germany flags, coats of arms, anthems, military uniforms, the Nazi swastika, SS symbols, the Soviet red star, hammer and sickle at public events.


The amendments also stipulate a ban on undermining Latvia's independence and territorial integrity, calling for overthrowing the government, ignoring laws and inciting violence, hatred, as well as propagating Nazi, Fascist and Communist ideologies at public events.


As reported, Saeima members lifted the status of urgency for the bill on April 18.

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