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Estonian MFA: allowing double citizenship stuck in disagreement of ministries

BC, Tallinn, 23.05.2013.Print version
Estonian foreign minister Urmas Paet said on Wednesday in the Riigikogu that there are no developments on allowing double citizenship since the visions of the interior ministry and foreign ministry don’t coincide, LETA/Public Broadcasting reports.

"The main reason why the matter hasn’t progressed is that the interior ministry and foreign minister have different opinions," said Paet. Foreign ministry is of the opinion that citizens by birth could be allowed double citizenship. An analysis compiled in the interior ministry has reached the contrary conclusion.


"This is the place for discussions whether it is possible to bring these positions closer and make these decisions," said Paet, adding that amendments to the citizenship law are in the interior ministry governance sphere and the foreign ministry can only submit proposals.


The problem that has been in works for over a year lies in the fact that the Estonian citizenship law doesn’t allow double citizenship, but the Constitution doesn’t allow taking away Estonian citizenship received by birth from anyone. Foreign minister first raised the issue last summer since it merged repeatedly in Estonian foreign representations.


The majority of parliament parties have in principle supported allowing double citizenship, which would concern offspring of people who have left Estonia either in 1940s or later.

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