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Customs officers seize record large amount of illegal cigarettes – 26.4 mln – hidden in rail cars

BC, Riga , 09.03.2018.Print version
Conducting physical control of rail cargos, customs officers of the State Revenue Service (VID) at Rezekne customs checkpoint, eastern Latvia, seized 26,390,000 illegal cigarettes, VID reported.

The train with contraband cigarettes arrived in Latvia from Russia.

On March 5, based on information received from Karsava customs checkpoint, Rezekne customs officers conducted a thorough inspection of six rail cars.

During inspection it was discovered that behind covering goods – bags of miner fertilizers and empty plastic crates - there are hidden compartments with boxes of cigarettes.

The customs officers seized 2,139 boxes with Fest cigarettes and 500 boxes with NZ Gold cigarettes with Belarus excise labels. In total the customs officers seized 26,390,000 cigarettes.

The materials on the case have been handed over to the Taxes and Customs Police.

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