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Estonia mulls legalising surrogacy on certain conditions

BC, Tallinn, 19.10.2015.Print version
Estonian Riigikogu Social Affairs Committee analysed on Friday together with experts whether Estonia is ready to legalize surrogacy and concluded that surrogacy could be allowed for medical reasons, LETA/Public Broadcasting reports.

"There could be nearly three percent of women in Estonia who cannot have children because of various pathologies of the uterus. Therefore, surrogate motherhood could be legalized in Estonia, while excluding it from becoming commercial and a part of human trafficking," said President of the Estonian Association of Gynaecologists Made Laanpere.


It was agreed at the meeting that NGO Infertility Treatment support centre brings together opinions of various interest groups and problem issues by January next year and will present them to the Ministry of Social Affairs and Riigikogu Social Committee.


Chairman of the Social Affairs Committee Aivar Kokk estimates that an absolute ban on surrogacy can be violation of fundamental rights of people in having offspring. "The state has the right to regulate, within what limits and how to allow surrogate motherhood. The Social Commission does not see any obstacle in legalising surrogacy, however, in that case, the rights and obligations of the woman who bears the child, the future mother and father, the child and doctors must be precisely regulated," said Kokk.


The session was attended by the NGO Infertility Treatment support centre, the Estonian Council on Bioethics, Tartu University Hospital, Estonian Association of Gynaecologists, Tartu University philosophy and semiotics institute, Social Ministry and Interior Ministry representatives.

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