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Legal support for business in Latvia

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Law office INLAT PLUS international is one of the most successful companies in Latvia with many years of experience, which come from complex-oriented approach dealing with legal tasks of private and legal persons. The main principles of our job: individual approach, effectiveness and professionalism.

INLAT PLUS international is known for its high level of responsibility, which is based on a constant improvement of theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Our law office differs from the others by developing individual approach when dealing with each client, meeting deadlines every time, as well as highly profitable balance between price and quality.


The analysis and risk minimization

Legal support for commercial organizations in Latvia, which INLAT PLUS international provides, is a full protection of each client’s interests according to his preferences. We provide:


·         Managing business’ politics;

·         Preparation of all necessary documents for all possible changes within the company (increase, decrease fixed capital, legal address, changes within the board, council, number of members etc.);

·         Preparation of all necessary documents for reorganization and liquidation of the company;

·         The representation of the interests of the Client in private institutions, as well as government and municipal institutions of the Republic of Latvia;

·         Legal analysis and preparation of commercial and management contracts;

·         Legal analysis for current and future business projects;

·         Resolving contract disputes between co-owners of real estate, preparation of a contract to ensure separate ownership;

·         Resolving contract disputes related to renting and management;

·         Legal support of the Client in real estate transactions;

·         Preparation of all necessary documents during the process of insolvency for private and legal persons;

·         Document translation to Latvian, Russian, and English language;

·         Legal expertise and judicial analysis of documents.


The benefits of our legal support for business of private and legal persons in Latvia – excellent solution for all possible judicial problems in the Client’s best interests, as well as risk accounting and minimization.


Profit and economy

Business management in Latvia, as well as the other countries of the EU, is invariably related to dealing with lots of problems – that’s why special knowledge and experience in different areas of law is required. INLAT PLUS international clients don’t need to spend additional budget on an internal law department or invite expensive legal consultants. Our lawyers, according to the contract, will also protect interests of the Client in terms of taxes and business management. We have all necessary types of specialists for a full and continuous bookkeeping and tax calculation of private and legal person’s business. Signing a distance bookkeeping contract with INLAT PLUS international allows to:


●     Organize bookkeeping record according to Latvian and international law;

●     Calculate taxes and provide necessary reports and declarations to Latvian fiscal institutions;

●     Calculate personnel wages quickly and unmistakably, according to Latvian law;

●     Create trade reports of EU countries;

●     Reduce accounting specialists’ expenses.


Additional opportunities


Thanks to a rich and long-lasting experience of INLAT PLUS international in different areas of law, we have all necessary opportunities to ensure:


●     Professional translation of legal texts to Latvian, English, and Russian language according to Client’s needs;

●     Legalization and apostille for the documents;

●     Procedure of notarizing.


Legal support for business in Latvia from INLAT PLUS international is based on a long-lasting and mutually beneficial partnership. Our main goal – operative and highly professional protection of Client’s interests, fast and qualitative solution for all business management tasks, no matter, how difficult the situations is.


Contact information


In order to get free consultation and additional information you can contact us by phone, email or coming to our INLAT PLUS international office:


Office phone number: (+371) 672 997 76

Mobile phone number: (+371) 296 216 15

E-mail: [email protected]

Address: Krišjāņa Valdemāra iela 38-612, Riga, Latvia

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