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Tallinn airport's ground handling prized by Lufthansa

Juhan Tere, BC, Tallinn, 22.01.2014.Print version
The German air carrier Lufthansa has once more named the passenger and aircraft ground handling provided by Tallinn Airport Ground Handling the most punctual in the world, reported BC Tallinn Airport.


Lufthansa evaluates ground handling at airports by measuring the on-time record of flight departures, the speed and punctuality of checking in for flights, efficiency of luggage searches, convenience when boarding planes, fulfilment of safety requirements, and many other details in services for airplanes and passengers. According to the air giant Lufthansa, which published the service quality results late last year, the Best Ground Handling Provider 2013 is AS Tallinn Airport GH, a subsidiary of Tallinn Airport.


After five plus years, AS Tallinn Airport GH once more earned also the SHOOTING STAR title, awarded to airports employing the most up-to-date solutions for checking in for flights. At Tallinn Airport, self-service kiosks, the Internet and mobile phones are used for checking in for Lufthansa flights by 92.4% of the passengers, the best such indicator in the world.


"It is our objective to provide the best ground handling services, and it is positive to be able to point out that it is Tallinn Airport that has earned Lufthansa's recognition, ahead of all the other airports in the world," noted Tiit Kepp, Chairman of the Management Board at AS Tallinn Airport GH. "The best recognition for our work is when we go unnoticed by passengers. Yet when the world's largest air carrier confers its recognition, it is an awesome feeling, there is no denying it!" added Kepp.


In its flight schedule for this summer, another midday flight from Tallinn to Frankfurt will be added by Lufthansa. This will make for a total of 3 departures every day of the week.

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