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Kipsala shore protection and renovation project is in full swing in Riga

Alla Petrova, BC, Riga, 04.07.2013.Print version
On the 26th of June, Riga Vice-Mayor and the Chairman of the Freeport of Riga Board Mr. Andris Ameriks, and the Freeport of Riga CEO Mr.Leonids Loginovs as well as the port engineers and technicians evaluated progress of shore protection and renovation project, reports BC port’s press service.

With the aim to improve one of the favorite recreation spots, a sandy beach has been created near the Vanshu Bridge this year, and in October 2012 with the Freeport support the work on the Kipsala shore renovation project on the Freeport territory was launched. The total length of the Kipsala shore line, located in the Freeport area, is 1.8 km. Significant repairs of Kipsala coastal slopes have not been performed since the last century.


“Kipsala shore protection facilities have not been fixed since Tsar Alexander's time, and now, after a hundred years, we are doing it. After the reconstruction we plan to build a promenade along the Kipsala shore line. Thus, with newly opened beach facilities in place and the future marina Kipsala will become yet another place where the citizens of Riga and its guests will be able to relax properly ", says Mr. Andris Ameriks, Riga Vice-Mayor.


“So far, the right bank of the River Daugava has been more developed, but now we plan to focus on the left bank development to create a modern marina, that would provide additional jobs for Riga residents. The Freeport is an integral part of the City of Riga, and the project provides one more excellent opportunity to integrate the port into the urban environment,” adds Mr. Leonids Loginovs, the Freeport CEO.


The aim of the renovation of Kipsala embankment, that is included into the Freeport of Riga territory, is to stop the damage to the shore, to reconstruct and strengthen the slopes.


Between the building at No.42, Balasta dambis and Enkuru Street the shore protection is in a relatively good condition. At this section it is planned to maintain the existing shore configuration and to fill the damaged spots with big stones. In the direction from Enkuru Street to Kipsala lower reaches the shore line is significantly damaged. At this section it is necessary to implement wood pile protectiont restoration, as well as to renew rubble at some places across the slope height.


Along the Kipsala shore line there are ground layers with different physical and mechanical characteristics, at some stages there are muddy bottoms and sedimentary layers with low bearing capacity, so the development of several types of wood piles for the construction at different depths is being planned. To ensure longer lifetime of new wood piles a freshly cut, peeled pine timber is used, with pile diameter 20 ÷ 25 cm.


The technical project of “Shore protection renovation at Kipsala, on the Freeport of Riga Territory” was developed by the LLC Inženieru birojs “Kurbada tilti”. Reconstruction work is carried out by the JSC BMGS. Renovation was started in October, 2012, and will be completed by October 31, 2014.

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