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St. Petersburg Times writes about beauty of Tartu

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Russia-based paper The St.Petersburg Times has revealed Estonia's intellectual capital Tartu to its readers, telling about its unique and multi-facet nature, writes LETA.

The journalist noted that the way from Estonian capital Tallinn to the so-called "student city" Tartu takes only two-and-a-half-hour of pleasant way across the Baltic State. The road opens spectacular view on the country's forests covered with snow, vast whitish fields and wooden houses.


The city's main feature is the large number of lecturers, teachers and students who come to the Tartu University from across Estonia and even foreign countries. This endows the city with very special vibes which can be felt only in Tartu, and has influence on the city's artistic appearance.


"In winter, the large number of young people makes the town perhaps more vibrant and full than in summer, when many are on holiday elsewhere," writes The St. Petersburg Times.


The online newspaper gives an insight to Tartu's history. Tartu is Estonia's second largest city and the Baltics' oldest, being first mentioned in historical documents dating back to 1030.


"It is the cradle of Estonian culture, where the country's song festivals – an important tradition that played a major role in uniting the nation – were born," The St. Petersburg Times noted.


The city is remarkable with its various monuments – fun and serious, which makes the strolls through rather small city center very exciting and captivating. In Tartu, cultural activities can be matched with coffee-sipping in one of the city's cosy cafes, learning science in the scientific center AHHAA, and enjoying Estonian cuisine.


"Town Hall Square (Raekoja plats) is Tartu’s center, having historically been the main trading area of the settlement between the castle on Toome Hill and the riverside port on the Emajogi. The buildings in the center mostly date back to the 18th century, older constructions having been destroyed by the wars and fires that swept the town from time to time. Since 2008, Town Hall Square has been adorned by the Kissing Students fountain, which stands right in front of the Town Hall building and depicts the figures of a young man and woman embracing. Sculptor Mati Karmin was reportedly inspired by the sight of his nephew kissing a girl in the rain. The Town Square, with its cafeterias and souvenir shops, has a Christmas tree and a large snow mound, which is popular among children who clamber up it and ride down it on boards or simply crawl over it," the journalist describes the city.


Remarkable scientific center AHHAA offers a lot of more or less serious entertainment and activities – modern technologies in a simple and accustomed way, watching stars in Planetarium room, and interesting scientific objects which are allowed to be touched and studied thoroughly.


AHHAA also runs a 4D adventure cinema in the Lounakeskus shopping center in Tartu district, as well as an exhibition center in Tallinn.


The St. Petersburg Times noted beautiful manors located all around Estonia, also in Tartu region.

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