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BLRT Grupp delivered another fishing vessel hull Cattleya

Juhan Tere, BC, Tallinn, 22.08.2012.Print version
In August 2012, Western Baltija Shipbuilding, a Lithuanian shipyard belonging to BLRT Grupp, delivered the hull of fishing vessel Cattleya to Danish company Karstensens Skibsvaerft A/S.

A hull made of steel and weighing 1080 tons was built for the trawler Cattleya on the shipyard of Western Baltija Shipbuilding in Klaipeda. The building of the vessel will be finalized by Danish company Karstensens Skibsværft A/S. The length of the trawler‘s hull is 69.9 meters, width 14.2 meters, draft 4.9 meters, speed 16.5 knots, the maximum number of crew members is 12.


The construction works began in October 2011. The specialists of Western Baltija Shipbuilding carried out hull construction works, installed pipelines and cable routes, the main equipment and mechanisms, and assembled modern non-standard maneuvering systems on the ship.


The agreement had an optional clause about another trawler hull delivery order. Satisfied with the quality of completed works, the customer decided to order yet another hull. This will be the fourth project with what Karstensens Skibsvaerft A/S has entrusted the specialists of Western Baltija Shipbuilding. In 2010, Western Baltija Shipbuilding delivered a dual purpose fishing trawler Christina E to the customer, and in March 2012 – the hull of fishing trawler Havsnurp.


„Building hulls for fishing vessels is a part of strategic restructuring of orders from serial production of blocks to turnkey shipbuilding. Today, our specialists were entrusted with the building of fishing trawler for Gitte Henning, the building of a dredger for Rohde Nielsen, the building of a barge for EuroStyle, and is building multifunctional vessels for the concern’s own use,“ – stressed Fjodor Berman, Chairman of the Board of BLRT Grupp. „The process is complicated and time-consuming, but we believe in its successful completion,” – he added.


The hull construction was supervised by a classification society Det Norske Veritas which awarded the vessel with class +1A1 Ice C.


Western Baltija Shipbuilding is one of 22 subsidiaries of Western Shipyard. The controlling interest of Western Shipyard belongs to Estonian concern BLRT Grupp, which incorporates subsidiaries in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, as well as in Finland, Norway, Russia, Poland and Ukraine. Lithuanian companies of the concern provide about 1900 people with work, and there is about 4000 people working in the concern.   


The company Karstensens Skibsvaerft A/S was established in 1917, and is run by already the fifth generation of its founders. The main branch of expertise of the company is building and outfitting of fishing trawlers, and also building of naval ships for Danish maritime forces.

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