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Estonia's Clanbeat puts on market new learning, communication app

BC, Tallinn, 14.10.2020.Print version
Estonian education technology startup Clanbeat has announced the launch of an innovative learning technology solution that enables educators to cultivate a deeper connection with students via a safe, secure and structured platform, informs LETA/BNS.

Clanbeat said in a press release on Wednesday that its app allows teachers to quickly and precisely hone in on students' well-being, utilize relevant data to support students' individual development journeys and together strengthen the foundations for lifelong, self-directed learning.

The solution is engineered to contribute towards students' adaptability and resilience to succeed in the changing world. Among the critical skills, students will develop self-awareness, self management skills, social and emotional skills, learning to learn skills. By offering teachers the necessary data for early personalized interventions, it enables to save  time and prevent bigger problems from arising.

Clanbeat's solution is reinforced by leading education psychologists and is already launching across multiple schools in Estonia, Finland, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Singapore, South Korea and Thailand.

The app is recommended for teachers with student groups aged 12 and above with a minimum of basic command of English.

With the app now being available to all, Clanbeat is currently giving individual teachers and their student groups free access to the app to help throughout the pandemic, when signing up by the

end of October.

Tallinna Kesklinna Pohikool basic school in Tallinn is one of the first schools to have introduced the Clanbeat solution.

"I'm happy that students can themselves enter their homework and assignments, adjust their schedule," the school's headmaster and class teacher Jaana Roht said.

She said that users can swiftly exchange information between them, provide feedback both on the week in school and the fulfilment of objectives, as well as just share their emotions. "As a class teacher, I have an overview of each student's week. It's good that both I and the student can always choose with whom and with how many parties to share information," Roht added. 

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