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Industry association says Estonian food producers have stocks for months

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Mayor Estonian food industry companies have stocks to ensure sufficient supplies of food for Estonian residents for the next several months, the Estonian Food Industry Association said LETA/BNS.

"There's no reason for panic stocking up on goods today. Estonia's level of self-sufficiency is relatively high. This means that a big portion of foodstuffs comes from our own country and producers also have sufficient stocks to ensure that there are fresh products on the table of every resident of Estonia," manager of the Estonian Food Industry Association Sirje Potisepp said. 

According to Potisepp, large scale stocking up on goods by residents has led to a situation where the supply chain is unable to produce goods and deliver them to stores quickly enough.

"We hope for good cooperation and understanding on the part of retailers and consumers alike," Potisepp said.

She said that all food industry companies were working at full capacity and had enough sense of responsibility to ensure supplies of foodstuffs for residents of their own country in the first place.

"If it happens that the person's favorite product cannot be found on the shelves, it will be back there soon, and fortunately we also have a very broad selection of goods which enables to find suitable alternatives. So nobody will have to starve for sure," the manager of the industry association said.

At all food industry companies stepped-up hygiene requirements apply already due to legislative requirements. In addition, companies have canceled foreign trips that might undermine the wellbeing of their employees. Also, restrictions have been imposed on other people's entry into production buildings. 

"Our biggest concern at the moment is how to ensure the safety of employees," Potisepp said.

"When it comes to the government, the most important message is that the free movement of goods within the EU, access to all populated places nationwide for the transportation of goods, and the functioning of stores were ensured," Potisepp added.

The Estonian Food Industry Association is calling on all service and production companies to work together on workforce sharing to ensure the availability of workforce in vital sectors.

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