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Estonian Ministry of Internal Affairs predicts an increase in work burden due to euro

Juhan Tere, BC, Tallinn, 27.07.2010.Print version
The officials of the Ministry of Internal Affairs noted on Monday at a press conference that the near future would bring the ministry and its institutions a lot of new tasks in connection with the adoption of the euro, writes LETA/Postimees Online.

“The near future will bring more work in connection with the euro; the transport of new banknotes and the issues of forgery will certainly be a challenge for us in the coming months and years,” said the deputy Secretary General of the ministry Erkki Koort, when describing the tasks involved with securing the safe transition from the kroon to the euro.


Another challenge facing the ministry is, according to Koort, the implementation of mobile ID. “We will do everything in order to be able to carry out m-elections in the year 2011,” he said.


The deputy Secretary General added that the digital border-crossing queue on the Russian border is another aspect that the ministry has worked hard on. The current plans for the information for the border-crossing queue would make it possible for electronic booking of a place in the queue and to arrive with the vehicle to the stand-by area for the border-crossing shortly before the expected time for exiting Estonia and entering Russia. “If the border-crossing order will be implemented as plans, it would be a unique solution on the global level and other countries have already expressed their interest in the developments,” said Koort.

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