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37.9% of Latvian lat coins and 95% of lat banknotes now out of circulation

BC, Riga, 18.07.2016.Print version
37,98 % of Latvian lat coins in the amount of LVL 27.5 mln (145 mln units) and 95 % of lat banknotes in the amount of LVL 934 mln (46.8 mln units) as of now are no longer in circulation, as Bank of Latvia spokesman Janis Silakalns informed LETA.

At the end of June, a total of 343.9 mln units or 790 tons of lat coins remained un-exchanged. Silakalns said that at the end of December 2013, there were a total of 450 mln units or 1,100 tons of lat coins in existence.


The majority of coins that were left un-exchanged were 1 and 2 santims (sub-unit of lats) coins - a total of 241 mln units.


The number of un-exchanged 1 lat coins was 24.4 mln units. The majority of un-exchanged banknotes were 5 lat banknotes - 1.8 mln units, and 20 lat banknotes - 930,000 units.


Latvia joined the eurozone in 2014.

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