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Paet: Estonia might get Norwegian gas

Juhan Tere, BC, Tallinn, 29.01.2009.Print version
The gas crisis between Russia and Ukraine encourages building pipes for bringing Norwegian gas to Europe, writes EPL Online/LETA.

Urmas Paet.

"The theoretical likelihood that gas routes will be established from Norway to the eastern coast of Sweden," said the Estonian minister of foreign affairs Urmas Paet who discussed the energy security matters with European colleagues in Brussels. He explained that this will make it technologically feasible to bring Norwegian gas to the Baltic States.


Paet also noted that construction of the Nabucco gas pipe from Turkey that would be an alternative for Russian supplies should progress faster as well.


When commenting on the Nord Stream gas pipe, Paet stated that Estonia has not changed its position that the environmental risks of building Nord Stream in the Baltic Sea are unclear. "However, European countries feel differently on the matter as some countries see themselves benefiting from the project," he added.


Paet also stated that there is no clear answer today why should transit of Russian gas move to Europe besides the existing gas routes instead of building expensive new constructions. "We also have no reason to review our earlier decision to prohibit Nord Stream to research the Estonian seas," he added.

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