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Ansip: Eesti Energia won't be listed at stock market during my term as PM

BC, Tallinn, 28.03.2013.Print version
Estonian Prime Minister Andrus Ansip said when answering questions of MPs in the Riigikogu on Wednesday that the state-owned energy giant Eesti Energia won't be listed at stock market during his term as the Prime Minister, Äripä reports.

"I am convinced that current time is certainly not ripe for that since there is too much uncertainty in the energy sphere," said Ansip. "And when there is a lot of such uncertainty, I think that it is not reasonable for the state to list a part of Eesti Energia shares at the stock exchange."


Ansip added that it is not clear at what the economic results of Eesti Energia would be in the conditions of full opening of the electricity market to competition. "And if we cannot forecast that very clearly, then we apparently cannot forecast the right and just price that we want to get for these shares from the market someday," said Ansip.


Ansip added that it isn’t known either what the productivity of the shale oil plant that hasn’t yet been launched would be.


"Thus, yes, since I have declared that this period of elections will be the last one for me in the job of the prime minister, I dare say that in the time that has been left, it isn't possible to reach clarity in these unclear issues enough to list the shares at the bourse," said Ansip.

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