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Electricity production in Estonia fell by 9% in November

BC, Tallinn, 28.12.2012.Print version
Estonian electricity production fell in November 2012 by 9% as compared to the same time last year to 966 GWh while consumption grew by 4% to 717 KWh, LETA/Public Broadcasting reports.

The fall of production was caused by fall of exports and more favourable import possibilities while consumption grew because average air temperature was by 2 degrees colder, Elering announced.


Electricity import to Estonia grew by 78% to 223 GWh and exports fell by 5% to 466 GWh.


Renewable energy production fell in November by 3% to 118 GWh, mainly because of the fall of renewable energy produced of biomass by 45% while the amount of electricity produced of wind energy grew by 87%.

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