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NGOs present plan for Estonia to use 100% renewable energy in 2030

Juhan Tere, BC, Tallinn, 22.08.2012.Print version
The Estonian Chamber of Renewable Energy and the Estonian Council of Environmental NGOs presented their joint plan on Wednesday in order to confirm that the Estonian electricity and heating sector can fully transfer to using renewable energy by the year 2030, writes Äripä

The NGOs’ press release stated that the complete transfer to using renewable energy would be technically feasible, economically sound and good for the environment.


Rene Tammist, one of the authors of the plan and head of the Chamber of Renewable Energy, stated that transfer to clean energy would mean lower energy prices, sustainability in the aspect of the environment and better energy security.


The Council of Environmental NGOs is of the position that the greatest environmental problem in Estonia is burning oil shale and hence it is necessary to form partnership for applying alternatives to using oil shale for producing heat and energy.


“The analysis of both organisations sends a positive message that extensive use of renewable energy will make it possible to decisively cut back on burning oil shale, which currently produces 80% of all waste generated in Estonia, much of our ambient air pollution and greenhouse gases” said Silvia Lotman, a co-ordinator of the Council of Environmental NGOs.

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