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Meilunas: LNG export from US will influence gas price in Lithuania as well

Petras Vaida, BC, Vilnius, 24.05.2011.Print version
Deputy Foreign Minister Egidijus Meilunas and Special Envoy of the United States Secretary of State for Eurasian Energy Richard Morningstar discussed the Baltic region energy projects, in which Lithuania is the leader.

Egidijus Meilunas (right) in Washington, 23.05.2011. Photo:

On Monday's meeting in Washington, Morningstar informed Meilunas that on May 20 the US Energy Department issued a permit to the American energy company Cheniere to export liquefied natural gas from the US and supply it to Cheniere's partners and clients around the world. Such export licence was the first one granted in the US in the last 40 years, reports LETA/ELTA.


"The export of liquefied gas from US to the European and the whole world's markets will also determine gas price in Lithuania. At present, we buy gas from Russia and the price of it is significantly higher than in the US domestic market. It is very important that Lithuania's company Klaipedos Nafta has already launched discussions with the American company," Meilunas said. According to him, the US Energy Department's decision to grant export licence to Cheniere is a very important sign to Lithuania as well.


During Lithuanian Energy Minister Arvydas Sekmokas' visit to the US May 9-13, Lithuania and the president of Cheniere signed a memorandum of understanding on purchase and supply of liquefied natural gas.

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