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Share of renewable energy increased to sixth of Estonian total consumption in Q1

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The consumption of renewable energy in Estonia grew in the first quarter of this year and formed 17.3% of total electric energy consumption, very close to the 17.6% target set for 2020, LETA/Postimees Online reports.

A year ago, renewable energy formed 13.5% of the total consumption.


The total production of renewable energy in the first quarter was 439 GWh and the production grew by a quarter in a year, announced Elering.


Wind power accounted for 53% of the total production of renewable energy in the first quarter and has grown year-on-year 43% to 232 GWh. The start of the year was windy and the average daily wind speed increased by a third. Amounts paid for the support of wind energy grew by 37% compared to the first quarter last year, to 10.6 million euros.


Renewable energy production from biomass, biogas and waste formed 44% of all renewable energy production. From these fuels, 195 GWh of electricity was produced in three months; production increased as compared to last year's first quarter by 12%. Electricity produced from biomass, biogas and waste received in the first quarter 8.6 million euros of subsidies, 5% more than a year ago.


Hydroenergy production reached 12.2 GWh and subsidies 471,000 euros.


4,000 euros of subsidies was paid for solar-produced electricity for 0.1 GWh while the amount of recipients has increased by nearly a hundred to 211 producers in a year.


Elering paid renewable energy support in first quarter for a total of 367 GWh. In monetary terms, the amount of subsidies for renewable energy grew by 20.2% to 19.7 million euros.


1.6 mln euros of efficient cogeneration subsidy was paid in the first quarter, 5.8% more than at the same time last year. The amount of electricity reached 52 GWH.

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