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Around 40,000 young people in Estonia don't work or study

BC, Tallinn, 25.01.2013.Print version
Every 6th Estonian resident in the age of 15-29 doesn't study or work, which means that there are around 40,000 of such people, LETA/Public Broadcasting reports.

"There are long-term jobless among them, people who work odd jobs unofficially, young mothers with small children, law violators with dangerous lifestyles and persons with physical or mental disability and just adventurers," said Tartu University sociology and social politics institute head Kairi Kasearu.


The corresponding statistics were published in a recent study by the European Fund for Improving Living and Working Conditions. Political studies centre Praxis together with the Tartu University and Estonian Youth Work Centre compiled a Youth Monitoring political review that focuses on that problem.


"These young people being left aside from the education and labour market system is a serious social problem that has far-reaching consequences. This is clear waste of potential of young people," said Youth Monitoring project manager Katrin Pihor.


"The result is a person outside the system who is hard to reach with traditional political measures," added Kasearu.

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