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Costs of textbooks variable in Estonia

Juhan Tere, BC, Tallinn, 30.08.2010.Print version
Prices of student workbooks at the high school level differ from one establishment to another in Estonia, LETA/ERR reports referring t o a survey by Postimees.

The study books are gratis for pupils up to the ninth grade.


The ninth grade is the last year of mandatory education in Estonia.


Starting from the 10th grade, the approach is different in each school. Teachers' preferences are also influential.


Some schools in Estonia do not provide any financial aid for workbooks at all. In some institutions, printed workbooks are not used at all, whereas in others, the municipal government pays for them.


At Tartu County's Nõo Reaalgümnaasium, a science-oriented high school, tenth-graders' workbooks for two semesters cost families more than 50 euros. In Tallinn's Laagna Gümnaasium, the tenth graders' families pay 45 to 55 euros depending on the foreign language they are studying.

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