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Estonian state will create 4,700 apprenticeships

BC, Tallinn, 07.08.2015.Print version
Estonian Education Minister Jürgen Ligi signed a package of support for the vocational education, establishing over the next three-year period 4,700 apprentice training positions to provide students with work experience and integrate training more closely with the labour market, LETA/Public Broadcasting reports.

Apprenticeship or work-based learning takes place in at least 2/3 amount in a company, under the supervision of a mentor appointed by the company. This gives the student the opportunity to get experience of working while studying. The company can thus train new and existing employees.


Minister Ligi said that apprenticeship-based training is successfully implemented in many Western European countries. "The big advantage of apprenticeship training is that after graduation, one does not have to start studying again when starting to work," said Ligi, who pointed out that the employer gets an employee who actually knows and can and the student learns exactly what he needs to do in that workplace.


Apprenticeship training participants are entitled to all the customary rights of vocational school student but also wages are paid to the apprentice.


Last year there were 617 apprentices in Estonia. The aim is to expand this study form and develop cooperation models for small businesses as so far it has been used mainly by big companies. Also the apprenticeship training will be tested for universities.


By 2020, the country plans already 8,000 apprenticeship positions.

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