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Karins is most likely compromise for prime minister

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Despite the official stance of the New Unity party, Krisjanis Karins (New Unity) is the most likely candidate for the prime minister who could win majority support among parties, noted LETA.

Several parties during their meeting with President Raimonds Vejonis said that they might consider Karins as the prime minister. The president had asked about a non-partisan candidate, but this idea was rejected by most of the parties.

According to informal talks, the core coalition might be formed by For Development/For, the New Conservative Party (JKP), the National Alliance and the New Unity. These parties have 50 out of 100 votes altogether. Depending on further talks and JKP red lines, also the Union of Greens and Farmers and KPV LV support could be gained.

No further agreements have been reached on distribution of responsibilities in the government. Unofficial sources report that New Unity has been sending mixed signals about how realistic Karins’ candidacy could be.

As reported, New Unity's Krisjanis Karins is being mentioned behind the scenes as a likely nominee for prime minister.

Karins told LETA that the president had not yet invited him to a meeting, and that his nomination had not been discussed with other parties.

The situation is very unclear at the moment, said Karins. Maybe For Development/For will nominate another candidate for prime minister, he added.

Meanwhile, For Development/For's prime minister candidate Artis Pabriks has withdrawn his candidacy, the party's spokeswoman Laila Spalina told LETA earlier.

Several politicians told LETA off the record that the parties could now agree on a compromise candidate, and that Karins could actually be that candidate.

Vejonis has officially withdrawn the nomination of Aldis Gobzems (KPV LV) for prime minister.

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