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Why Latvian ministers didn’t up their own salaries?

BC, Riga, 21.10.2014.Print version
The ruling coalition parties in Latvia denied support for a motion on hiking monthly salaries for Cabinet ministers, submitted by one of their own – the Finance Ministry's parliamentary secretary, MP Lolita Cigane (Unity), reports LETA.

The motion has been tossed out of consideration, as the prime minister, Laimdota Straujuma, told reporters following the coalition council's meeting.


National Alliance (VL-TB/LNNK) MP Imants Paradnieks commented that the timing is off for review of this matter, while Greens/Farmers leader Augusts Brigmanis added that "it should have been done, if at all, before elections." Both politicians noted the upcoming debate on the 2015 national budget, which will be "very complicated as it is."


Cigane had argued that the 800 euro raise (after taxes) would "heighten remuneration for the responsibilities a Cabinet minister assumes, and give hope, that in confirming them in high office, we will be approving the respective sector's strategic leader, who will work with vision of the future, taking the necessary steps already today."


She added that after the increase of salaries of 800 euros after tax salary of the prime minister of Latvia only approach, but not reach the level of salaries of heads of government of Lithuania and Estonia.


Net salary for Straujuma at this time is EUR 1,945; 1,757 for Cabinet ministers; 1,379 for parliamentary secretaries. After an increase the salary of the prime minister to increase to 2,769 euros, the minister – to 2,572 euros, Parliamentary Secretary – up to 1,634 euros.

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