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Estonia's e-government still one of the best in Europe

BC, Tallinn, 29.05.2013.Print version
The access in Estonia to the e-services and information offered by the state is among the best in the European Union, the European Commission's 2012 e-governments comparative study indicates, LETA/Delfi reports.

The eGovernment Benchmark 2012 report surveyed 28,000 internet users across 32 countries.


While generally EU's e-services users are more satisfied with Internet baking and commerce than pubic Internets services, for Estonia, the comparative study points out state portal where people have access to more than a hundred state e-services and sources of information.


Estonia is also a good example of how decentralising yields positive results in the digital sphere – Estonia has developed, instead of one central system, a system that joins different open decentralised services and databases. Due to the flexibility of the system, over the years the digital society has been supplemented with new parts and upgraded. The expanding possibility is the reason why Estonia can be considered one of the success stories of the past decade and why the state has despite relatively small ICT sector budget managed to develop in this sphere.


In the whole EU, the most popular services were declaring income taxes (73% of users declare taxes online), moving or changing address (57%) and enrolling in higher education and/or applying for student grant (56%). 47% of eGovernment users got all they wanted from online services, 46% only partially received what they were looking for.

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