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Latvia has worst health care system in Europe

Nina Kolyako, BC, Riga, 14.11.2008.Print version
The Latvian health care system is ranked as the worst in Europe, according to Euro Health Consumer Index.

Latvia scored 449 points out of 1000 and places 31st among European countries. The worst situation in Latvia is in the sector of e-Health, waiting time for treatment remains excessive, there are significant shortcomings in the sector of pharmacy – residents often do not have access to the latest medicines, and pharmaceutical sector in Latvia does not develop fast enough, reports LETA.


There is a slightly better situation regarding the relatively low number of suicides in Latvia, and Latvia has a comparatively low percentage of diabetes patients.


In terms of the accessibility of services, Latvia scored relatively well regarding the accessibility of dental care and children's vaccination. In all other health care sectors Latvia received medium to low or very low rankings.


According to the Euro Health Consumer Index, Netherlands is in first place in Europe with 839 points out of 1000, followed by Denmark with 820 points and Austria with 784.


Macedonia is ranked second-to-last.


The Euro Health Consumer Index is the annual ranking of national European healthcare systems across six key areas: patient rights and information, e-Health, waiting time for treatment, outcomes, range and reach of services provided and pharmaceuticals. The producer is the analysis and information organization Health Consumer Powerhouse.

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